Fahrenheit 451 republishing in eBook in Taiwan


Ray Bradbury's everlasting classic "Fahrenheit 451" Traditional Edition republished this month. It's printed edition was out of print several years ago. "When I know that, I was shocked."Said Bobby Tung, founder of Wanderer digital publishing Inc."How could they let such masterpiece about book out of print? I decided to republish it, and in digital form." Refer to recent research by Minister of Culture, people in Taiwan read just 2 books yearly. Bobby did some effort to let this book more attractive to the youth."First I re-translate it, to let it more readable and keep Ray's tone. Second I've learnt from Japan publishers SHUEISHA, they use Famous Mangaka Hirohiko Araki who create JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to draw cover for classic work - Yasunari Kawabata's Izu no Odoriko. I'd like to do same thing." New version's cover illustrated by famous Taiwan illustrator Amatiz King who represent Taiwan to join Angoulême International Comics Festival, and title is draw by Kouga Hirano, book design master in Japan. Ray may never know his book revitalized in digital form cross the ocean. But his words in this book are still strong nowadays. "I hope people in Taiwan to read. Or we're in the world fireman didn't burn the book, but books died as Ray imagined." Fahrenheit 451 Traditional Edition available in iBookstore and Amazon Kindlestore. iBookstore link