Taipei bike show announces winners for excellent design (update)

Taipei, March 20 (CNA) The Taipei International Cycle Show announced 22 winners Wednesday that have neatly integrated fine design into bicycles, encouraging the industry to use innovation to make their products more competitive. The winning projects were chosen from among 590 entries in 45 countries -- including Taiwan, South Korea, Switzerland and Hungary. Taiwanese designers grabbed a total of five prizes, with designs ranging from bicycles with bamboo frames to light systems that project a bright beam of light onto the rider's back to make them more visible. Now in its 17th year, the International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) aims to lead global fashion trends and rejuvenate bicycle-related products. According to the organizers, the fact that the IBDC began cooperation with the Hanover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH (iF) this year has also broadened the scale of competition, because besides whole bike designs, bike parts, accessories and related services have also been included in the contest for the first time. The fierce competition indicates significant interest toward the cycle industry, which could help inject new ideas into bike production and lead to greater added value to an industry Taiwan prides itself on, the organizers said. Meanwhile, iF Managing Director Ralph Wiegmann encouraged students with design backgrounds to participate in bicycle design. Because the cycle industry is comprised of many small and medium-sized enterprises, young talent could have more access to hands-on design experience and have a real influence, he said. He also lauded Taiwan as a fertile ground for bike design, adding that "the industry here loves innovation." Wiegmann is not the only person who is optimistic about the evolution of bike industry, as IBDC judges said the competition was an eye-opener. "Some (works are) very future-minded, like things they have seen in Star Trek," said Martin Kessler, consulting director of the Zurich-based Process Group, a design and branding agency. Among the contestants is Chen Wen-liang, whose creation of an anti-theft pedal won one of the best bike component designs. Chen said he wanted to make designs not only interesting but also useful, explaining that his project is aimed at tackling the problem of bike thefts in Taiwan. In his design, the bike's pedals can be released and reassembled to form a fork-shaped lock that fixes the rear wheel of the bike. "The design meets people's practical needs in an elegant way," said Chen. (By Lee Hsin-Yin)

Updated : 2021-01-29 00:25 GMT+08:00