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Office of Information and Communication Security under Executive Yuan functioning in an era of cyber-espionage

Office of Information and Communication Security under Executive Yuan functioning in an era of cyber-espionage

Query from Taiwan News on February 20:
Attention: Executive Yuan

…In the wake of the latest revelation that the Chinese military has been implicated in cyber-espionage attacks on an unprecedented worldwide scale, has your respected authority put in place defense mechanisms that are strong enough to protect the national interest?

Reply by the Executive Yuan on February 27 as follows:

With the widespread utilization of internet and the rapid development of Taiwan's e-Government, new issues and threats on information and communication security continuously arise. Over the past 12 years, Taiwan government has done many activities to prevent the leak of national classified information, the cyber crime, and the dissemination of indecent ideas. In light of this, with the hopes of coordinating and speeding up Taiwan’s information and communication security, The National Information and Communication Security Taskforce (NICST) and Information and Communication Security Technology Center (ICST) were established in 2001 accordingly, and now actively promote the tasks of building the information security foundation of our country. In order to facilitate and enforce the above results aggressively, office of information and communication security (Executive Yuan) was established in 2012.
In the 3328th Executive Yuan meeting, former premier Chen addressed the issues of cyber security “The advance of Internet technology has also led to cyber warfare,” “While some attacks are launched by amateurs, others are backed by countries or regimes.” He then underscored the importance of cyber security in protecting the public sector’s infrastructure and directed all ministries and agencies to stay alert to potential cyber threats. Premier Jiang has instructed the tasks directions of enforcing information and communication security, such as designate accountable personnel , fulfill financial support and comprehensive education and training, etc.
Due to the discrepancies of historical factors and the political and economic realities between China and Taiwan, the”emulation” in the fifth arena (internet) is often “whispered”. Therefore, Taiwan government, emphasize on the defensive side of cyber attacks, actively defend national information and communication facilities, and assure the performance of E-government in a practical, economy, responsible, and not impeding the nature of the internet way. Moreover, the government vigorously promotes information security related knowledge and skills and tries to regulate the business community to take considerable responsibility over information security in the long run.

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