The University System of Taiwan announces an international symposium on research on turning around environmental crises

We are now facing unprecedented crises in our living environment, yet this is also a time when there are great opportunity to think collectively about the environment and sustainable survival. The University System of Taiwan has announced that it will hold a series of international symposia in coming years to discuss the latest results of environmental studies. These seminars will include in-depth discussions on international and domestic environmental issues and seek out innovative ways of thinking about and handling problems related to the world around us.

“Crises and Opportunities in Environmental Study" will bring together some of the leading minds in Taiwan for an international seminar on February 20 and 21. These two days will feature keynote speeches on domestic environmental issues by respected figures including Yun-peng Chu, Chang-chuan Chan, Chi-pang Wen, Wang Kuo-ying, Ye-hsin Cheng, Chiang Pen-chi and Ling Yung-chien. Attendees will also have a chance to see Tokyo-based writer Liu Li-erh and coastal travel writer Huang Chun-nan in a discussion of environmental issues. Another draw will be Naomi Oreskes of the University of California at San Diego, a professor of science history who has devoted considerable time and effort to climate change and environmental studies. Oreskes’ recent book Merchants of Doubt clearly identifies a consortium of institutions in the US that is attempting to block legislation in such areas as environmental protection, health care, tobacco and pesticides. During the seminar Professor Oreskes will explore in detail how a small but beautiful country like Taiwan can wield great influence and make significant contributions in the area of climate change and other environmental issues,.

The seminar leads of a series of events sponsored and organized by the University System of Taiwan on Research Integrity. Lectures will be offered throughout the summer of 2013 as part of summer courses designed to teach young students about sustainable development, climate change and other environmental and ethical issues. This week’s seminar will serve as warm-up to later events, and the organizers look forward to exploring new and different ideas and new roads to follow in addressing environmental issues in the future.

This seminar is jointly organized by the Central University Office of the University System of Taiwan (UST) and the Central University Environmental Research Center. For more information call 0937-409-007, Miss Luo, or visit the registration website for the event at: