Coast Guard's patrol vessel to test fire newly acquired guns

Taipei, Jan. 26 (CNA) Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration (CGA) on Monday will test fire guns that have been installed on a patrol vessel, which was acquired last year. The tests will be carried out at sea off Zuoying Navy Base in Kaohsiung City, the CGA said Saturday. The newly acquired patrol vessel the "New Taipei," has been fitted with three 40-mm chain guns taken from retired Navy warships and is ready to test fire them, the CGA said. They are the first delivery of seven such guns that the Navy has promised the CGA, which will have them adapted by the Chungshan Institute of the Science and Technology for coast guard patrol vessels at a cost of NT$211.44 million (US$7.13 million). The three 40-mm chain guns, still widely used by the Navy warships, are in good condition. They will help improve the fire power of Taiwan's coast guard patrol vessels, which are currently equipped only with 20-mm automatic guns. (By Johnson Sun and Maubo Chang)