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DPP heavyweight: China market is 'unavoidable' & 'undeniable'

Shanghai, Jan. 21 (CNA) A Taiwanese opposition party politician, known for being pro-independence, said during his first visit to China on Monday that the country is an "unavoidable" and "undeniable" market for Taiwan. Hsu Tain-tsair, a Democratic Progressive Party legislator who had served two terms as mayor of Tainan City and has been elected to the legislature five times, made his comments after meeting Chinese finance experts in Shanghai. Hsu told the journalists in Shanghai that many problems have arisen from the normalization of economic ties between Taiwan and China. "If we can't solve these problems, both sides of the Taiwan Strait will suffer," he said, pointing to "economic uncertainty" and "market intervention" as examples of how both sides will suffer. For Taiwan, the price could be heavy, according to Hsu, who warned that if Taiwan's economy is in trouble, its democracy could take a step backward and the "social cost" could be high. He did not elaborate. "What worries me is the autonomy of Taiwan's economy: how healthy it is, particularly in terms of its dependency on the Chinese market," he said. Hsu said that it is therefore critical for Taiwan to achieve a healthy development of its economy since it can no longer avoid or deny the Chinese market. Hsu was leading a 10-member group of former Taiwan city officials and business people on a vist to China. The group will proceed to Beijing on Jan. 23 and then to Xiamen after leaving Shanghai. It is important that "we come to China to have first-hand understanding of the country by meeting local officials and researchers," said Hsu. Hsu's visit to China was catching attention as it followed a visit in early October 2012 by Frank Hsieh, another DPP heavyweight who had been premier and chairman of the party. Ni Yongjie, deputy director of a Chinese think tank on Taiwan, said DPP politicians are "getting increasingly practical" by visiting China because "they have realized the importance of cross-strait policy to their party's future development." (By Chou Hui-ying and S.C. Chang)

Updated : 2021-05-10 14:49 GMT+08:00