China Times: DPP chairman's anxiety over power

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairman Su Tseng-chang recently unveiled a plan to hold a demonstration Jan. 13 to allow people to voice their anger at the government. This is actually an attempt by Su to externalize internal pressure so as to secure his shaky leadership. Since the DPP lost the Jan. 14 presidential election, some DPP members have been pushing the party to adopt a realistic approach to cross-Taiwan Strait relations. Su, however, has failed to present any policies except for holding several forums over the past months. This has caused impatience within the party. The China Affairs Committee established by the party in November, for example, is merely a perfunctory group that is responsible for research on cross-strait issues and will not engage in exchanges with China. This discouraged aspirants from joining the committee, which is why the committee has failed so far to recruit enough members. In his bid to beat Tsai Ing-wen and win the DPP's nomination for the 2016 presidential election, Su is eager to ingratiate himself with pro-independence diehards. His anxiety over power is reflected in his lack of resolve with regard to cross-strait policy and his plan to hold the Jan. 13 demonstration. Su has resorted to every possible means in pursuit of power. But a political party that lacks the ability to present policies will find it impossible to regain the government, and a leader who knows nothing about policies will never become president. (Editorial abstract -- Dec. 28, 2012) (By Y.F. Low)