AP Weekly News Calendar

?Thursday, Dec. 13:
NABLUS, West Bank _ Islamic militant group Hamas holds rally in West Bank town of Nablus.
SEOUL _ Rallies denouncing North Korea's rocket launch.
PAJU, South Korea _ Military security reactions after North Korea launched a rocket.
SEOUL _ South Korean soldiers cast an absentee ballot for the presidential election at a polling station.
WARSAW, Poland _ Nationalist opposition party Law and Justice marks anniversary of the 1981 martial law with a march in the capital city with its usual slogans saying that democratic Poland today is not sovereign, but under the influence of the European Union and Russia.
BRUSSELS _ EU leaders meet for an EU summit dedicated to trying to create a deeper economic and political union _ a move that would involve the transfer of some sovereign powers from national governments to central authorities.
TEHRAN _ Iran and the U.N. nuclear agency officials are meeting in Tehran to discuss allegations that Tehran carried out experiments related to development of atomic weapons. The meeting would be their first since nuclear talks stalled early in the summer over Iran's reluctance to grant access to sites the IAEA suspects could have been used in secret work on nuclear weapons.
HAVANA _ Cuba's parliament convenes for one of its twice-yearly sessions. Raul Castro often speaks either at the opening or closing and often makes news. The finance minister also usually gives a report on the state of the economy.
DHAKA _ Shutdown strike called by Bangladesh' opposition parties.
GUJARAT, India _ Gujarat state elections.
LOS ANGELES _ Golden Globe nominations are announced.
MANILA _ The Philippine military chief, U.S. Pacific Commander Adm. Locklear III, discusses increased rotation of American forces in the Philippines.
SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina _ Bosnia's Football Federation elects for the first time in its two decade history a single president, ending the ethnic division of the body.
LONDON _ A further hearing is held ahead of an official inquest into the circumstances surrounding the 2006 death of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko.
MOSCOW _ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meets with representatives of a Siberian region.
LONDON _ A public inquest begins to look at the circumstances surrounding the death of a nurse days after she accepted a hoax call about the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge.
PARIS _ The European Court of Human Rights rules on German citizen Khaled el-Masri's case against Macedonia regarding his claim that the CIA illegally whisked him to a secret prison in Afghanistan.
LISBON, Portugal _ Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visits Portugal, one of the European countries which supported the Palestinians' recent successful bid to become a U.N. nonmember observer state.
PARIS _ The Grand Palais in Paris transforms from an exhibition space into a huge skating rink for the first time. For the holidays, tourists and Parisians can glide beneath its huge glass dome just steps away from the Champs-Elysees.
BRUSSELS _ Finance ministers of the 17 EU nations that use the euro currency assess the Greek debt buyback program and the Cypriot financial outlook.
BERLIN _ Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the German Parliament ahead of a European Union summit expected to focus on the bloc's future economic structure. 0800 GMT.
GENEVA _ The International Air Transport Association, the trade group based in Geneva representing some 240 of the biggest international airlines worldwide, gives its annual global economic outlook for the airline industry.
BERLIN _ Germany's economy minister, Philipp Roesler, meets his Greek counterpart. Statements at 1145 GMT.
MADRID _ Spain's Treasury will be hoping the gradual drop in its borrowing costs in recent weeks will continue when it stages debt auctions for bonds maturing in 2015, 2017 and 2040.
?Friday, Dec. 14:
BERLIN _ German Parliament to vote on plans to deploy Patriot missiles to NATO ally Turkey to protect the country against possible attacks from Syria.
BANGKOK _ Court appearance for Lee Aldhouse, the extradited British boxer accused of killing an ex-U.S. Marine.
MOSCOW _ President Vladimir Putin meets with the visiting president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. Brazil is taking measures to avoid a ban of its meat exports to Russia, its largest foreign market for its beef.
MADRID _ Labor unions representing most workers in Spain's Iberia airline begin the first of six days of strikes in the run-up to the Christmas holiday period to protest the company's plans to lay off 4,500 workers. The stoppages by Iberia's ground staff and cabin crews will also be held Dec. 17-21.
?Saturday, Dec. 15:
CAIRO _ Egypt holds referendum on the highly contentious draft constitution, which was hurriedly approved by the Islamist-led constituent assembly despite an opposition boycott. Judges are supposed to oversee the vote but it's unclear how that will happen since much of the judiciary is on strike over sweeping, near absolute powers President Mohamed Morsi granted himself last month.
MOSCOW _ Opposition activists plan their latest street protest against President Vladimir Putin, but they face dwindling interest in demonstrations even as the Kremlin struggles to address public discontent.
JAKARTA _ British singer Sting to perform in his "Back To Bass" tour.
?Sunday, Dec. 16:
BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa _ ANC elective conference.
CARACAS, Venezuela _ State gubernatorial elections.
YAGON, Myanmar _ Jason Mraz performs in Yangon with MTV EXIT, which host concert in Myanmar as a part of their international campaign to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking. Concert will be at the Yangon People's Square, which lies at the base of the Shwedagon Pagoda.
?Monday, Dec. 17:
PYONGYANG _ First anniversary of death of leader Kim Jong Il. Events expected to commemorate anniversary, including possible opening of Kumsusan mausoleum with first "public" viewing of body lying in state.
BERLIN _ German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds news conference with foreign reporters. Starts 1500 GMT.
BUENOS AIRES _ Dec. 17 is IMF chief Christine Lagarde's deadline for Argentina to improve its economic statistics, or face a "red card" for violating the fund's rules.
?Tuesday, Dec. 18:
THE HAGUE, Netherlands _ Judges at the International Criminal Court deliver verdicts in the trial of one of two suspects accused of atrocities in eastern Congo.
MOSCOW _ Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych visits Moscow to discuss Russian gas supplies with President Vladimir Putin.
CAIRO _ Administrative court to resume lawsuit aimed at banning passage of Iranian, Chinese and Russian ships through Suez Canal near Syria.
?Wednesday, Dec. 19:
BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan _ Tom Marshburn of NASA, Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko and Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency are scheduled to launch to the International Space Station.
SEOUL, South Korea _ South Korea holds presidential election. Voting begins at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. The outcome of exit polls are expected to be announced as soon as the voting hours end. Official results may come as early as 10 p.m. It depends on how close the race is.
BANGKOK _ Court appearance for Red Shirt activist Somyot Preuksakasemsuk, a lese majeste defendant. Court will announce verdict from the Constitutional Court that would rule if the law is unconstitutional.
FRANKFURT, Germany _ The Ifo institute releases its monthly survey of business optimism