All New Blood from Mercedes-Benz The new A-Class Hits the Market in Taiwan ‘Like a Cannon’

Following the launch of its B-Class series for the small family early this year, a highly successful foray that won more a thousand orders, Mercedes-Benz is back again to present the latest edition of its small-size A-Class series of automobiles. This new luxury hatchback class offers drivers in Taiwan a blend of styling and performance that will appeal to both men and women.

In addition to excellent performance and thrifty fuel consumption, the new A-Class is a petrol-powered series that meets all the advanced EU6 emission standards for 2014. This sporty model offers spirited performance while keeping within the parameters for environmentally clean energy.

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan is proud to introduce this new series featuring the fashionable A-Class 180 Style, the handsome A 200 CDI Urban and the zippy A 250 Sport. This trio of all-new designs in the A-Class series go for suggested retail prices of NT$1,450,000 and NT$1,730,000 and NTS1,990,000 respectively.

In November 2012 these powerful new "Stars" introduced Taiwan to a long anticipated whirlwind of luxury vehicles that are both nimble and comfortable. Now Capital Motors is finally officially releasing the new A-Class in Taiwan, injecting highly-welcomed new blood into the luxury car market here. As Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of the Daimler Group notes, "Mercedes-Benz is the world's most active luxury car brand, and the new A-Class series greets the world with all-new styling from front to rear, establishing a major new milestone for the brand." The new A-Class carries on Mercedes-Benz’ smooth styling lines with distinctive touches that set it apart as a mover on the road. The new A-Class continues the Mercedes heritage of extraordinary original designs incorporating the highest in safety, outstanding ingenuity in design and assembly, and the incomparably smooth handling and comfort that the Mercedes name stands for. Inside you’ll find a complete package of features and equipment, all designed to make the new A-Class a handsome series that offers its own unique charms for the owner.

A New Look and New Performance for a Package More Complete and Attractive than Ever

The new A-Class embodies the leading-edge styling that you expect from Mercedes for this entry-level luxury brand. The smooth lines of the exterior of each model follow the A-Class Concept in styling, with a clever use of texture and revealing lines that conceal a compact but strong double-box body with exterior dimensions of 4292mm x 1780 mm x 1433mm and a stable wheelbase of 2699mm. The slightly larger overall dimensions of the new A-Class not only mark it as a solid member of the Mercedes-Benz family of fine automobiles, they reinforce the character of the series as a small ‘cannon’ on the road. It’s the all-new A-Class from Mercedes-Benz.

The A-Class’ sharp, V-shaped front end is complemented by the ruggedly styled a horizontal grille and front bumper. The lines of the lower air intake add to the feeling of effortless movement with either a chromed double gate or a diamond-type single-gate grille design for different models in the series. The three openings of the lower air dam are also a distinctive draw for the eye, displaying the road-hugging ground effects of the under-body spoiler that keeps the visual effect of the front low and flowing smoothly past the sculptured skirts on the side of the car. It all forms a svelte, stylish front end that boasts a low overall drag coefficient of Cd 0.28. The headlights feature groupings of LED daytime running lights that take advantage of the "Flare Effect" for superior lighting and better visibility while embodying the young design language that belongs to products proudly offered by Mercedes-Benz.

Sweeping along the side of the car, the eye is drawn to a tightly arched roofline that morphs seamlessly into a spoiler-shaped rear windshield. The shoulder waist flows smoothly to the lighting section at the rear of the car, flaunting a neat and dynamic body line that incorporates 205/55 R16 aluminum wheel covers in the A 180 Style, 225/45 R17 aluminum covers in the A 200 CDI Urban and AMG five-spoke 235/40 R18 aluminum covers in the A 250 Sport. The overall layout of the A-Class rear end is equally attractive, with a strong emphasis on the physical impact and the narrow width of the body revealing the full promise of the streamlined design for performance and a more robust touch of body dynamics. The wrap-around rear bumper provides maximum protection, and the wheel wells on the sides add longitudinal openings that continue the airflow. The dual oval exhaust tail pipes on the A 200 CDI Urban and A 250 Sport models are nestled into a compact, integrated spoiler skirt in a neatly layered structure that follows the overall lines faithfully and flawlessly..

The new A-Class from Mercedes-Benz is born to be a leader with its incomparable streamlined design and luxury car heritage. Owners in Taiwan have a full range of unique styling packages in all models, from the fashionable lines of the A 180 Style to the handsome city-going air of the A 200 CDI Urban and the exquisite ready-to-run feel of the A 250 Sport. Each variant of this sleek mover adds its own distinctive charm to the new A-Class series. Capital Motors also offers a special dark-toned Night Package interior and an AMG luxury interior as options to fit the particular needs and likes of the car owner.
Extraordinary Feeling and Textures in an Entry-level Luxury Car

The new A-Class is the perfect blend of unique taste and technology. The overall control assembly features upper and lower blocks, with the upper half covering the passengers in the car like wings, while the lower half is robust and strong, providing a sense of absolute security and control for driver and passengers. At the same time, the car interior decoration shows touches like chrome rings around the cross-shaped air-conditioning vents that add to the retro and stylish charm of the interior design.

The A 180 Style and A 200 CDI Urban come standard with beautiful cortex Artico leather seats. The new A 250 Sport adds Dinamica fiber fabric covers for seating designed for comfort on the road. The multifunction Nappa leather steering wheel provides helps keep the driver aware of and in control of the vehicle status and also provides options for operating the multimedia system. The multimedia system features MP3/WMA/AAC playback of CD music files via the embedded 5.8-inch color display screen on the center console, plus a USB port in the center armrest for a link with smart phones or other digital devices, for a full choice of what to listen to while on the road. The new A-Class hatchback design offers a generous rear luggage compartment capacity of 341 liters, with 60/40 split rear seats that can be lowered to quickly expand capacity to 1157 liters
Energy saving and performance in both diesel and gasoline modes

The new A-Class offers you a choice of diesel or petrol engine with four cylinders and a turbocharger coupled with direct injection. Mercedes-Benz’ exclusive ECO Start / Stop system offers energy-saving shutdown and start-up of the engine during idling periods, for more sophisticated and energy savings at no inconvenience to the driver.

The A 180 Style features a 1600cc turbocharged petrol engine combined with Mercedes-Benz’ BlueEfficiency energy-saving concept. The A 180 Style provides a maximum of 122 horsepower and turbo-assisted torque rated at 200 Nm peak at engine speeds of 1,250 rpm ~ 4,000 rpm. Mercedes-Benz pairs the whole series with a 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic/manual transmission system that takes the A 180 Style from 0 to 100km/h in 9.1 seconds while delivering excellent fuel consumption at 17.5km/l (EU NEDC standard) and carbon dioxide emissions of 133g/km.

For its diesel option Mercedes-Benz has chosen the proudest diesel design for the A 200 CDI Urban, with a 1.8 liter displacement configuration that provides a maximum of 136 horsepower and a peak of 300Nm of torque at engine speeds of 1,600 rpm ~ 3,000 rpm. The 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic/manual transmission takes the A 200 CDI Urban from rest to 100km/h in 9.2 seconds, while EU NEDC test standards show outstanding fuel consumption of 24.3km/l. In addition, the A 200 CDI Urban is equipped with a special EGR low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation system that significantly reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide, yielding only 116g/km of carbon dioxide.

The Flagship of Performance: A 250 Sport

The most stunning of the three A-Class models is the A 250 Sport. This is the perfect realization of visual tension inherent in the A-Class Concept. The A 250 Sport is distinguished by its dazzling diamond grille; 18-inch five-spoke AMG light-alloy aluminum wheel covers that subtly reveal red brake calipers; and AMG carefully tuned front axle and suspension systems. These all reinforce the racing character and distinct driving performance of the A 250 Sport.

The A 250 Sport dazzles from front to rear, with a red AMG spoiler skirt providing positive identification emphasized in the unique positioning of high beam xenon headlights with a prominent red halo that mark the eagle eyes of this small projectile of a car. The stylish contrast of black and red is echoed in the car’s interior decoration, with a Nappa leather three-spoke flat-bottomed sports steering wheel, sports-style seats and safety belts featuring the same contrasting red stitching, and A/C air vents embellished with red rings. The A 250 Sport is tastefully coordinated both on the inside and outside.

Power has not been overlooked by the R & D team, with a perfectly-tuned engine that delivers a full 350Nm of peak torque at 1,200 rpm and a maximum of 211 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. With the 7G-DCT dual-clutch automated manual gearshift system, the A 250 Sport zooms from zero to 100km/h in just 6.6 seconds, outstanding performance that does not sacrifice fuel efficiency: average fuel consumption is 15.6 km/l (EU NEDC) and carbon dioxide emissions are rated at 148 g/km.

In addition to the standard AMG sports package, the internal dynamics of the A 250 Sport feature a sports car suspension carefully tuned by AMG factory engineers to cut drag and ensure optimum driving pleasure. The A 250 Sport’s performance is enhanced by Electronic Stability Program control modules set to activate at precise times to deliver maximum safety with absolutely no compromise in the driving experience. Coupled with the sport-tuned 7G-DCT dual-clutch 7-speed automatic/manual transmission, the A 250 Sport shows its racing origins in performance that makes this the flagship of the entire line.