Samsung gains approval to see details of Apple-HTC settlement

Apple must disclose the details of its settlement with HTC, including the financial terms, to Samsung, a U.S. judge ruled.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal said in an order today that financial terms of licensing agreements for other third parties have been disclosed in the patent-infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

In its attempt to view the documents, Samsung argued that it needs to see the financial details of Apple and HTC's agreement because they may play a part in Apple’s request for an injunction.

Daryl Crone, a lawyer for Samsung, said that if HTC agreed to pay Apple a small sum for licenses of patents at issue in the San Jose case, that could be used to undermine Apple’s argument that it has suffered “irreparable harm,” a standard required to win an injunction barring sales of Samsung’s products.

Apple, which had accused HTC of copying features that made its iPhone unique, on Nov. 10 settled all global lawsuits with HTC and agreed to a 10-year licensing deal.