Popular Taiwanese author denies pursuing charges against Apple

Taipei, Nov. 13 (CNA) Popular Taiwanese author Giddens Ko said Tuesday he did not pursue copyright infringement charges against Apple Inc. for approving apps using pirated content of his works.
Ko refuted local media reports, which said that he decided to drop all charges against Apple after having met with legal personnel at Apple's headquarters in Hong Kong a day earlier.
"I did not pursue charges, so how on earth will I be able to drop charges? What are those TV reports saying? Didn't they just interview me moments ago?" he wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday after watching local TV news channels.
Ko's agent also clarified the situation Tuesday, saying Apple has removed seven to eight apps with pirated content of Ko's works after their visit in Hong Kong.
Ko, author and director of the popular film "You Are the Apple of My Eye," recently told media that he has been filing complaints against Apple for the past two years as several apps on the iTunes Store, Apple's app store, had infringed upon his copyrights.
But the complaints were not taken seriously by Apple, he said.
He said Apple cited difficulty in discerning copyright as a reason for refusing to remove apps allegedly violating copyright of his works.
Ko said he has also filed an application with the iTunes Store to publish an app he jointly developed with a publishing company to allow users to download 50 of his novels for free. But Apple declined his application, citing reasons that the description of the app was not clear and that it should be listed on iBook, Apple's platform for e-books, instead.
Ko's agent said Tuesday they are still in the process of negotiating with Apple for Ko's app to be published on the iTunes Store. (By Shu Hui, Sabine Cheng and Ann Chen)