One third of women's underwear fail to meet labeling requirements

Taipei, Aug. 1 (CNA) The Cabinet's Department of Consumer Protection said on Wednesday that 11 out of 30 pieces of women's underwear it had tested had failed to meet the country's product labeling standards. Among those, four pieces were from adult shops, five were sold at traditional markets while another two were each from a department store and a supermarket, said the department which conducted the check in April. The items in question didn't provide labels with fiber content in Chinese or the standard patterns of ironing, washing and bleaching, Wang Te-ming, a consumer ombudsman from the department said. Wang said the manufacturers were asked to recall their products or face fines between NT$20,000 (US$667.62) -NT$200,000 if they failed to correct the labeling in 45 days. Regarding the quality, the department said none of the samples tested contained or exceeded the toxic level of controlled chemical substances. For example, the department found one piece containing free formaldehyde with a low amount of 9 ppm. The substance with tolerance levels below 75 ppm could help prevent creasing and shrinking in clothing, but any excessive amount could cause breathing difficulties, nasopharyngeal cancer or skin cancer, said Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection. Washing new clothes before wearing it for the first time could clear up harmful substances as long as the chemicals were limited within the safe level, said Lai Chun-chieh, a senior specialist from the bureau. (By Yang Shu-ming and Maia Huang)