MediaTek accused of patent infringement by U.S. IC designer

Washington, March 13 (CNA) MediaTek Inc., one of Taiwan's leading integrated circuit designers, has been accused by a U.S. counterpart of patent infringement, according to the United States International Trade Commission (USITC). The USITC said Tuesday the U.S.-based LSI Corp. and its subsidiary Agere Systems Inc. have filed a complaint with the commission, alleging MediaTek and several others infringed on technology related to certain audiovisual components and products. In the same complaint, other companies, including MediaTek USA Inc., MediaTek Wireless Inc. and Ralink Technology Corp., which are MediaTek's subsidiaries, Taiwan-based IC designer Realtek Semiconductor Corp. and Funai Electric Co. of Japan were also named as respondents, the USITC said. The commission said the complaint alleged these accused companies violated Section 337 of the U.S. Tariff Act of 1930 in the importation into and sale of the products involving the particular audiovisual technology in the U.S. market.
The commission added the complaint has requested the USITC to start an investigation into the alleged accusation. In Taipei, MediaTek and Realtek declined to comment on the particular case. If the USITC votes to launch a probe, the commission's chief administrative law judge will assign the case to one of its six administrative law judges, who will hold an evidentiary hearing to issue a preliminary ruling. The commission will review the initial decision and issue a final determination. If the commission finds any violation, it will issue remedial orders under the Tariff Act which will be effective when issued and become final in 60 days unless the U.S. trade representative expresses disapproval of the orders. The most serious punishment for the violation of section 337 of the Tariff Act will be a ban on imports and sales of involved products in the U.S. market. (By Chou Yung-chieh, Jackson Chang and Frances Huang)