Photo exhibition by Liu Xiaobo's wife 'shocks' spectators

Taipei, Feb. 13 (CNA) An exhibition by Liu Xia, the wife of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and incarcerated Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, is currently showing at Columbia University, New York, and those who have seen it said they were "shocked" by what they saw. The Voice of America reported that the exhibition called "The Silent Strength of Liu Xia" shows 25 black and white photos that she took in the late 1990s. The protagonists in the photos are mostly "imprisoned" dolls that Liu considers to be "ugly." Some of them are standing in bird cages, or crammed between doors, books or rocks. Some appear to be stifled in airtight raincoats. The dolls invariably show expressions of pain and terror. Many have their mouths wide open, as if they are shouting in pain or unable to utter a sound. Yu Jie, a Chinese dissident writer who arrived in the United States last month, said these dolls show that they are being humiliated, injured, indoctrinated or brainwashed in China. The message Liu Xia wants to convey is that "the whole of mainland China is like a big prison where the people are imprisoned with no freedom. In their daily lives, they have neither rights nor dignity." Liu Xiaobo, an outspoken writer for democracy and free expression in China, was convicted of subversion and sentenced to an 11-year jail term in 2009. (By Huang Chi-kuan and Lilian Wu)