DPP legislator Chiu Yi-ying to start chemotherapy

DPP legislator Chiu Yi-ying learned at the end of 2011 that she had ovarian cancer. She was in the middle of an election battle at the time, and her husband, Vice Mayor of Kaohsiung Lee Yung-teh, encouraged her to undergo emergency surgery and then carry on with the campaign.
On Tuesday she received the results of a post-operative checkup which showed that although her condition was stable, she still had some malign growths that the surgery did not take care of. She began chemotherapy treatment three days after the election and is scheduled for another session at the end of this week.
Chiu had put off a check-up despite feeling a swelling and acute pain, and when she finally visited a clinic the doctor discovered a 3-cm growth as well as some swelling in one of her kidneys.
Chiu initially wanted to postpone surgery until after the election, but her husband urged to put her health first, and she had the cancerous growth removed in late December. Now that the elections are over she is undergoing chemotherapy and keeping public appearances to a minimum until she has had a chance to recover.