Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou approves Examination Minister resignation over off-color joke

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President Ma Ying-jeou approved the resignation of Examination Minister Lai Feng-wei Wednesday after an uproar over an off-color joke he made at his ministry’s year-end party.
The ministry is not part of the Cabinet but resorts under the Examination Yuan. Yuan President John Kuan said he had passed on Lai’s resignation letter to the president.
After media reports of the incident, Lai presented a public apology last Sunday. The following day, a special taskforce summoned him to offer an explanation for the case. Lai reportedly offered his apologies and deepest regrets for inappropriate comments he made during the party. He also said he would take full responsibility for the controversy.
Lai is a former deputy secretary-general of the Presidential Office and former Penghu County Magistrate. He was in charge of President Ma Ying-jeou’s 2008 presidential campaign effort in Kaohsiung.