Japanese ghost comes to Taiwan! GeGeGe No Kitarou floating cross to Taiwan

“Ge Ge Ge Ge Ge” -- What a weird and familiar laugh! That’s right! It’s the Ghost Boy designed by Japanese monster expert Mizuki Shigeru. This time not only we can
see him and his friends in TV, but also you may interact with the ghost boy in the Huashan1914- Creative Park!

“GeGeGe No Kitarou’s Monster Amusement Park” is the parent-child paradise by the suject of ghost boy, which is the first time to put it on display in the foreign
country. “Ghost Boy’s Monster Amusement Park always has a innovative try. You can experience through many multi-senses, and make a new, funny and mystical world. ” Organizing unit Activity business department of United Daily Yang Da-de said.

“We can not see it, but it exists!” This is the commentary of Japanese monster expert Mizuki Shigeru for the cartoon role he created. The monster he created is very funny, it has the feeling, feels lonely and wants to make friends. He uses the role to show the nature’s fightback. He hopes we cherishing more what ever we have.

Although Mizuki Shigeru is too old to take the plane to participate the press conference in Taiwan, he asks the president of the Mizuki Productions Naaooko to convey what he thinks, “I like the environment of Taiwan very much. The people there is very kind and lovely. The first exhibition of Ghost Boy’s band could be hold in Taiwan, the whole team and I are very exciting.” The team of Mizuki Productions expect with our whole heart that Taiwanese people could like this paradise of the “Ghost Boy ”. There are monsters from Japan, China and all over the world. There are the shrine pray for blessing, Japanese style ghost house and the other interactive facilities. It’s 100% Japanese style and completely made in Taiwan!

“GeGeGe No Kitarou’s Monster Amusement Park” will be held from January 19 to April 29 in the Huashan1914- Creative Park. Visitors could purchase the ticket in advance from today to January 18. It costs NT$220 for two person fee, the original price is NT$440. You may go to the convenience store and visit the website of http:// www.books.com.tw to purchase the tickets.

See the details, please visit the website: http://kitaro.ishow.gmg.tw/
Customer special line: 02-8643-3966