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NSB denies ability to disturb candidates

NSB denies ability to disturb candidates

Taipei, Dec. 6 (CNA) The National Security Bureau said in a press release Tuesday that it has neither the technology nor the devices to disturb anyone seeking elected office. The press release was issued in response to repeated claims by People First Party vice presidential candidate Lin Ruey-shiung that he had been attacked by 18,750 KHz electromagnetic waves for three consecutive nights from Sept. 20. If Lin has any concerns about being disturbed by what he calls "electromagnetic radiation," he can apply for a test by the "responsible government agency," the NSB said in the press release. According to Lin, he was unable to sleep for three nights and was eventually forced to move to a hotel, "otherwise I would have gone mad." He repeated his claim Tuesday while campaigning in Taichung, central Taiwan, and said he knew it was an electromagnetic radiation attack because he is a professional in that area. Lin is a public health expert whose specialist fields include cancer risks from electromagnetic radiation. It would require a sophisticated technique to launch such an attack, Lin said while visiting a high-tech company in the Central Taiwan Science Park. The NSB quoted the National Communications Commission (NCC) as saying that neither the military nor the National Security Bureau nor any other government unit has applied to use the 18.75 MHz or 1875 MHz frequency. The NSB said it would never break the law by eavesdropping on anyone and that if NSB staff are to execute their duty of monitoring a subject, they will definitely abide by the Communications and Monitoring Act. (By Emmanuelle Tseng, Chen Ching-ping and S.C. Chang)

Updated : 2022-05-21 18:33 GMT+08:00