Thailand's capital city, Bangkok is sinking gradually due to the climate warming

Bangkok’s flooding has flowed to Bangkok metro system on 7th. Mayor Sukhumvit Bangkok already ordered people who are in the 11 districts in Bangkok to evacuate and another 7 districts to partly evacuate. Some experts stated that the flooding is just the beginning for the flood disaster in Bangkok. Bangkok will face these two issues such as climate warming and over groundwater overdraft. They also assumed that Bangkok will be below the sea level in 50 years.

Ai Nong, the expert in climate changing for Chulalongkorn University pointed out that Bangkok is in the fenland and its population is 12,000,000. In order to satisfy resident and factories enough water in Bangkok, Thai’s government overdraft the groundwater, land subsidence has become worse since 1970. Nong estimated that many areas in Bangkok will be under the sea level after 50 years and the possibility to cause the flood will be four times than now.

“Once Bangkok sinks, it won’t ever rise again. OECD already listed Bangkok as one of ten nations which are most possible to have the problem with seawater intrusion before 2070,”said David McCauley, the first Expert in climate changing for Asian Development Bank.

Gulf of Siam is away from Bangkok 30 kilometer. Experts estimated that the water level will rise due to the global climate warming. Bangkok will have faced many floods in the future. Bangkok’s central business section is safe at present but the Chatuchak Weekend Market already been drowned. And the peripheral roads for three underground in northern Bangkok have begun flooding but the metro system is still in the operation and full of sand bags.