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Samsung grabs No.1 spot in smart phone market share

Samsung grabs No.1 spot in smart phone market share

International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading US intelligence firm for global markets, says that Samsung was the world’s biggest smart phone manufacturer in Q3 with a two-digit jump in sales during the quarter. In addition, HTC, which like Samsung uses the Android mobile operating system, climbed into the number 5 place for the first time.

According to Bloomberg, the market share for smart phones for Samsung soared from 8.8% last quarter to 20% to earn it first place in Q3. No.2 was Apple, which slipped from a 17% share to 15% in Q3. Many smart phone manufacturers like Motorola Mobility, HTC and Samsung all use Google’s Android mobile operating system. Android mobile devices generally offer cheaper prices and a greater variety of choices than Apple’s iPhones.

Canalys Market Research Company points out that sales of Samsung and HTC mobile phones overtook Apple’s iPhone in Q3. Ramon Llamas, a senior analyst at IDC concludes that Samsung’s rise to number 1 was due to its “broad and deep product portfolio.” Llamas also predicts, however, that Apple’s iPhone 4S presence in the market in Q4, coupled with price cuts in the iPhone3GS and iPhone4, should help push sales up for Apple in Q4. In addition, Nokia recently launched two new mobile models, so Samsung may have to scramble to maintain its position in first place in Q4.

Updated : 2021-10-20 20:37 GMT+08:00