Strawberries touted as a remedy for stomach ulcers

Having some strawberries before you drink can protect your stomach lining and prevent some damage from alcohol. Researchers in Italy, Spain and Serbia doing experiments with animals have found that strawberries offer protection for the stomach lining and can also reduce the amount of damage to the stomach by alcohol. With long-term use, the strawberries might help to prevent stomach ulcers.
Studies by Italian, Spanish and Serbian researchers announced in PLoSONE point out that researchers fed mice alcohol, then analyzed the condition of the animal’s stomach linings. The results showed that damage to the stomach linings of mice which had been fed strawberries was lighter. Thus they concluded that strawberries can protect the stomach and slow the injurious effects of alcohol..
Sarah Tunipani, a researcher in Barcelona, Spain, was a participant in this project. She pointed out that strawberries contain polyphenols and high concentrations of anthocyanins. Most importantly, strawberries stimulate the internal anti-oxidative defense system to secrete more anti-oxidative hormone. Thus strawberries are good for the health.

Research indicates that disease results from free radicals and peroxidation. Diseases of the stomach can be avoided if we eat as many strawberries as we can in our daily lives. In addition, strawberries can slow down the formation of stomach ulcers. Researchers also found out that using the ratio of one kilogram of body weight to 40 milligrams of strawberry extract fed continuously for ten days acted to slow the development of stomach ulcers when the mice were given alcohol.