Ex-vice president plays chef to promote vegetarian diet

Taipei, Oct. 23 (CNA) Former Vice President Annette Lu played chef Sunday and cooked a vegetarian dish while urging the public to adopt a vegetarian diet, echoing a United Nations call for less consumption of meat for a sustainable environment. At a one-day "green" fair in Taipei, Lu demonstrated how to make a dish of bitter gourd with king oyster mushrooms, and called on the public to have one vegetarian meal per day. Lu said reducing consumption of animal products is the "most effective" approach among the measures available to pursue a sustainable environment, including growing trees, saving energy and lowering carbon emissions. "If everyone were to quit eating meat for one day, it would generate the same benefit as planting 200 to 300 trees," she said. Lu, who has been on a vegetarian diet for more than four months, said she herself serves as an example of how a diet without meat can be healthy and beneficial. "People have started saying I have been looking younger and younger since I went on a vegetarian diet," she said. Lu also took the opportunity to encourage the public to take part in a private group led by her and set to be officially launched in December, to contribute to environmental protection. This can be achieved by less consumption of meat, less driving and less waste, she added. (By Elaine Hou)