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Google debuts 3-D infinite bookcase

Google debuts 3-D infinite bookcase

Google has officially introduced an online bookcase, the long-anticipated Infinite Digital Bookcase. Designed in the shape of a 3-D helix, you can spin it around in all directions with your mouse. It’s supposed to help you browse and find a book as quickly as possible.

The Bookshelf, built on WebGL, organizes books using 28 categories, including free books, romance, bestsellers, science fiction, etc.

The Bookshelf also serves as virtual librarian and guides you to your preferences. Users are given the option of reading the book on their tablets or phones by using a quick response code app like Google Goggles.

This newly launched interface requires a graphics card to run the experiment smoothly, a modern web browser, Chrome, Firefox, or the alpha version of Opera 12.

Updated : 2021-10-21 05:53 GMT+08:00