iOS 5 vs Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Surprisingly, iOS 5 is the underdog. Google to roll out the most advanced Android OS upgrade yet, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ask Google or Apple, and both companies will tell you that the operating system is the heart and soul of a smartphone or tablet, and apparently the top feature of a smartphone. Android and Apple’s iOS are considered as the biggest players in the smartphone operating system market today, based on market share and overall functionality, but the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms are obvious.

Before we talk about Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S, we should first note the Android 4.0 versus iOS 5. Surprisingly, Android’s 4.0 is the most aggressive upgrade yet that will surely compete against Apple’s iOS 5.
Notification System

One of the best new features of the iOS 5, and Apple claims the new notification system of the iOS 5, used by iPhone 4S and other compatible Apple devices, features a compelling new notification system that can deliver “less intrusive” updates like e-mail, Facebook notification, Twitter, etc.

Apple tweaked the operating system’s lock screen, home screen to notification updates while running an application. Similar to Android, an iOS 5-powered device user can also get access to the notification list by swiping the screen’s notification bar down, and can tap to read, or dismiss a notification. A user can also adjust the notification/s from a certain Apple or third-party app by opting in via the settings.

Meanwhile, Google has update the Android’s notification system, and with the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a Galaxy Nexus user (and future Android devices with Android 4.0) can get access to the notification list on lock screen, home screen or while running an application. To get the notification list, the user can swipe from the notification bar down, and can now dismiss by swiping or flick (left or right) or read notification by tapping.

Google’s Matias Duarte explained, “from the beginning, Android has been designed to put you in control. In Ice Cream Sandwich, notifications are better than ever.” Duarte added, “in Ice Cream Sandwich, we’re also introducing a music player control in notification, so you can pause or skip tracks without ever leaving an application just by pulling down the notification.”

Google is also the company behind Gmail, so the notification for the e-mail service is theoretically better with ICS than other Android versions and iOS.

Built-in Camera application.

Android and Apple have implemented better built-in camera application. With iOS 5, Apple has implemented a better, built-in editing tools like red-eye reduction, touch to focus, camera shutter support (volume up button), cropping, flip, and photo enhancements.

Google’s Android is also introducing a built-in photo editing application for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Google, Galaxy Nexus can apply filters, crop, flip and refocus a photo without losing the original photo. Google also showed the more flexible way of sharing a photo to social networking sites by clicking share. With iOS 5, the photo sharing within the photo application is limited (but supports e-mail or Twitter), and the user will need to open the social network’s application to upload a photo or video. One of the best examples is Facebook.


Google said the new messaging app of Ice Cream Sandwich is enhanced, now with better on-screen keyboard, and easy access to the contact’s other details with the “People app.” A user can save all the information of a contact like Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and other supported social networking sites and e-mail services (including Gmail). Google said the list of supported services will grow because they will open the People App’s API. Android’s ICS operating system also includes better voice to text support.

Meanwhile, iOS 5 features the new iMessage application, the BBM-like messaging application exclusive for iOS 5 devices. Apple also included Siri in the messaging application for dictation to text support.

Find my Friends vs Face Unlock

Two new features, Apple’s Find my Friends and Android’s Face Unlock. Apple, during the iPhone 4S event, unveiled the new location-based service called Find My Friends application. Apparently, Find My Friends is the GPS-dependent service that a user can use if she/he wants to locate a friend or family.

iOS 5 users can send a request to friends/family with iOS 5-equipped device to find their location. Once the friend accepts the request, the requestor can see that friend’s location on either a map or a list.

Meanwhile, Android also introduces a new feature called “Face Unlock,” and with this feature, a user can lock or unlock the Galaxy Nexus by using his/her face. Google said in the Galaxy Nexus product page, “No complicated passwords to remember, just switch on your phone and look into the camera to quickly unlock your phone.”


iOS 5 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich both support cloud storage and syncing. With the Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich, a user can shoot, save and send instantly. Google used the Google+ as an example, saying that Google+ features “Instant Upload” service that uploads a photo instantly to the cloud.

Meanwhile, iOS 5 supports iCloud, Apple’s new cloud-based syncing and apps access. With iCloud, users can now sync all his/her devices like iTunes music, photos, videos, contacts, calendars, documents like “Pages,” and more. It is worth noting that Android also supports photo syncing with Picasa and Google+ and Music (mp3) syncing with the Google Music Beta application and PC access via browser.

iOS 5 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Still depends on personal preference, if you love Apple, buy the iPhone 4S or for Android fans, go with Galaxy Nexus just because the phone gets the latest operating system updates first than other Android devices.

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