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Top 3 iPhone 4S complaints

Top 3 iPhone 4S complaints

Technical difficulties arise when a new technology is introduced. Those who are interested in getting an iPhone 4S may want to know what problems iPhone 4S users are experiencing. It may take Apple some time to resolve some of the most commonly reported problems.

There have been complaints about activation being delayed with millions of users trying to access iOS 5 at the same time. Those who haven’t purchased an iPhone 4S are unlikely to experience this problem going forward because Apple is in the process of ramping up capacity.

Apple prides itself on Siri, a humanized product that changes the way people interact with machines. One of the keys to Siri's intelligence is its link to remote servers using voice data from users. Service disruptions occur when Siri gets bogged down by large volumes of voice data coming from millions of users.

The iPhone 4S’ jump to a faster processor and more efficient computation puts pressure on its batteries. Even though voice calling battery life has been improved, some have reported battery drain over short periods of time.