MOFA refutes reports of sexual assaults in Belize

Media in Taiwan have previously reported that Taiwanese massage therapist Kevin Lee was suspected of videotaping and sexually assaulting dozens of unconscious Belizean women, including the wives of several high officials.
The ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contradicted initial accounts appearing in the press. ROC Ambassador in Belize Wu Jian-guo says that Lee was arrested in Los Angeles, but the case has nothing to do with sexual assault, nor are any “wives of high officials” involved.
The Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, Gong Zhong-cheng, also confirms that the office has been informed of the arrest.
The media previously reported that the crime was discovered by a computer technician who found videos of sexual assaults while repairing Lee’s computer. Wu clarified that the case surfaced because a suspect sent videos of patients undressing in Lee’s clinic and tried to use the videos to blackmail Lee. A Belizean official saw the videos and informed the Belizean police. Wu stressed that the victims are not the so-called officials’ wives.
Belize has a large number of traditional Chinese medicine clinics run by Taiwanese immigrants, and Wu expressed his hope that this incident will not affect the image of Taiwan and its people in Belize.