Britain has hottest October day on record

Britain Weather

Member's of the public are seen silhouetted as they walk along the beach at the coast of Seaburn, England, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011. Hot weather has br

Britain has experienced the hottest October day on record.
National weather service the Met Office says Saturday's temperature reached 85.8 F (29.9 C) at Gravesend in southeast England.
That is the highest October temperature since records began a century ago, beating the previous high of 84.9 F (29.4 C) reached on Oct. 4, 1985.
The average maximum temperature for early October is about 59 F (15 C).
After a cool and wet summer, much of Britain has been basking in several days of sun and unseasonably high temperatures. Forecasters say cooler temperatures should return by Tuesday.