Taiwan aging society will be place world no. 1 in 22 years

The Council for Economic Planning and Development has consolidated Taiwan’s population aging statistics with those of the United Nations and the United States and found that Taiwan placed 48th worldwide in average age of the population. After 22 years, however, Taiwan is expected to move past Japan to become the world's most "aged" country, which is 7 years earlier than previously predicted.

CEPD officials said that the current structure of Taiwan's population still relatively energetic, with an "aging index" of only 69%. However, Taiwan's fertility rate is far too low, resulting in fast aging of the population.

The CEPD indicates that Taiwan will eventually surpass Japan to become world’s most “aged” country. In 2033 Taiwan's aging index will rise by 251%, and the elderly population will be 2.51 times the juvenile population.
The so-called "aging index" means: the elderly population (65 and older) compared to the juvenile population (15 and under).

The United Nations estimates the aging index for the world population every two years, Japan has ranked number one in all surveys. But according to the latest report from the UN, Japan’s aging index has leveled off in recent years.

According to CEPD estimates, Taiwan's aging rate will accelerate over the next ten years, with the “aging index” surging over the coming 40 years to 5.71 times what it is at present and making Taiwan the world’s most aged country.