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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with a grand grilling extravaganza at The Regent Taipei

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with a grand grilling extravaganza at The Regent Taipei

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and it’s time to gather the gang for barbeque bash of the year! Beginning from September, The Regent Taipei’s Japanese restaurant Mihan Honke presents “Grand Grilling Extravaganza” featuring grilled lobster, Australian wagyu beef, US prime beef, Taiwan marbled pork or US pork- in total 2 sets for you to select from. Set meals begin at NT$999 per person so bring the whole gang and enjoy together in the festivities!

Mihan chef comments, “Selecting the proper ingredients are most important when grilling because this direct cooking method affects the natural flavors of the ingredients; grilling fresh ingredients, whether it be meat or seafood, will have a fragrant char-grilled aroma along with a juicy and tender interior that will surprise you. Complemented with Mihan’s special sauces, you add an additional layer of flavor for a most worthwhile feast.”

Mihan prides itself in using the most premium quality ingredients, which is evident in the 2 grilled meal sets. Meat lovers can opt for the “Valuable Grill Set”, which features tender US prime rib eye, US short plate, US prime boneless short rib, ox tongue, US pork, and Taiwan marbled pork; grilled rice ball with salmon, assorted vegetable soup, grilled seasonal fish with salt and lemon green tea sorbet are also included in this grill set. This set meal is NT$ 999 per person, and needs a minimum of 4 persons.

For those who want the best of both worlds, there is the “Lobster and Australian Wagyu Beef Set”, which guaranteed to satisfy your every taste bud. Featuring imported lobster, which is salt grilled to maintain juiciness and flavor, it is complemented with succulently tender Australian wagyu beef for the ultimate grilled feast!

This meal also includes US prime boneless short rib, ox tongue, chef’s selection of sashimi and lemon green tea sorbet, so celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with the greatest bash ever!