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2nd Affordable Art exposition-Introduction of the seven main subjects

2nd Affordable Art exposition-Introduction of the seven main subjects

(Hall 1)
Contemporary Oil Paintings/ Creative artwork
Hall location: B1, 1F. No. 162, Section 1, Jianguo S. Rd.

Contemporary Oil Paintings – This collection gathers splendid art works by Taiwan’s previous generation and middle-aged artists, including works that range from landscape to moody, to elegant, and downright weird. The “Contemporary Oil Paintings” section features artworks that reflect the cultural influences and challenges that affected the artistic efforts of Taiwanese artists.
Featured artists:
Chen Yung-sen, Kuo Dong-jung, Chan A-shui, Cheng Nai-wen, Huang Ke-chuan, Wang Kae, Chang Chieh, Chuang Chieh, Ma Hao, Yang Nian-fa, Lin Chin-biao, You Mei-ling, Liu Chang-fu, Pang Yi and others.

Creative artwork - Outstanding designs for playing cards, notebooks, greeting cards, refrigerator magnets featuring Taiwan art, an “I Love Taiwan” clock series and tabletop decorations.

(Hall 2)
Color ink artworks / All pieces under NT$10,000
Hall Location: No. 51-1, Alley 103, Xinsheng South Rd.

Color inks mingle on the canvas, a fusion of calligraphy and images. This is what “the essence of color ink” symbolizes in Chinese culture and the world of art. These works strive for a new image, presenting color ink and calligraphy with deep inside stories of Taiwan’s traditional cultures and innovation in the artistic arena.
Featured artists:
Hu Nian-tsu,, Li Chi-mao, Chang Yi-han, Yan Chen-ying, Hsiung Yi-chung, Hsieh Jung-yuan, Lee Tsung-ming, Huang Chi-lung, Wang Kae, Chen Mu and others. These masterly art works are easily affordable at less than NT$10,000.

(Hall 3)
Digital Artistry / Comprehensive Artworks/ New Creative Artworks
Hall Location: No. 47, Alley 103, Xinsheng South Rd. in Taipei.

Digital Artistry
The newly completed Digital Artistry Museum enables you to view a variety of digital art works as well as interactive multimedia presentations. Simply use the computer to select the art works you want to view and enjoy the paintings in detail. Comprehensive Artworks
In the “Comprehensive Artworks” area you will see creations made using glass materials, metal sculptures, “digital oil paintings” and other types of comprehensive artworks, presenting the most creative sides of contemporary artists.
Featured artists:
Chen Ming-fang, Liu Chang-fu, Pang Yi, Wu Mu-sheng.
New Creative Artworks
The new creative artworks area displays works done by artists younger than 35, presenting the most creative and innovative artworks in contemporary artistry..These are all considered to be valuable artworks with maximum potential for investment by collectors.
Featured artists:
Wang Xiao-wen, Chen Yi-jun.

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