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2nd Affordable Art exposition aims to make you a collector

2nd Affordable Art exposition aims to make you a collector

The Affordable Art Exposition is back again, hoping to make a collector of you! After a year of waiting the 2nd Affordable Art Exposition is coming with a brand-new look. The President of SogoArt, Chen Hong-ping, notes that “we have integrated digital technology this year. It enables people to view the arts of Taiwan in greater depth and broadness than before.”

The 2nd annual Affordable Art Exposition for Taiwan is sponsored by the Council for Cultural Affairs of the Executive Yuan, the Taipei City Bureau of Cultural Affairs and the Chinese Art Managing International Commerce Association (CAMICA). It will run for ten days from Friday, July 22, to Sunday, July 31, at No. 162, Section 1, Jianguo S. Rd. and No. 47, Alley 103, Xinsheng South Rd. in Taipei. It will take place in three different halls, with each hall representing a specific artistic topic. The exhibition will include contemporary oil paintings and creative art wares in Hall 1, color calligraphy and affordable art in Hall 2, and technical creative art, comprehensive art works and new creative arts in Hall 3.

The most unique part of the exhibition will be the extension application of multimedia high technology to present the works. All art works have been digitally transposed to computers, and visitors can browse through all the artworks quickly on a computer. In addition, the exhibition halls will also feature large-scale LCD screens displaying a 24-hour dynamic broadcast of the art works, so that the Affordable Art Exposition “never takes a break” throughout the whole exhibition.

The exposition has gathered artists from many different fields to accomplish this great task, Chen Yong-sen will show “The godfather of contemporary plastic colors”; Kuo Dong-ron,“The world in the thumb of the artist”, Zhan Ashui, “Painting in the water”, Yang Nian “The local painter”, Lin Jin-pio “The grotto painter”, and Zhang Jie “Lotus master”. In the area of color ink paintings, Hu Nian-zu and Li Qimao are showing “Masters of the Human Form”; Wang Kai, “A portrait master of great learning and integrity”; and Wu Chang-peng, “Watercolor scenery”. In addition there will be images from the oldest, middle and youngest generations, of oil painters, including works by Liu Changfu, Pang Yi, Chen Ming-fang and Wang Xiao-wen.

70% of the artistic works in the Affordable Art Exposition will be priced between NT$3,000 and NT$200,000. These prices are intended to break through the stereotype which says that art must be unaffordable and priceless. Visitors with an entrance coupon will receive a complimentary gift and a chance to draw for a painting valued at NT$1,000,000.

On the last day of the exposition, there will be an auction of 30 art works with bid prices starting at NT$1. Chen Hong-ping notes that “We want to set up a perfect interaction platform so that Taiwan can have people take in art works and then take them home to enrich their quality of life and enjoy the pleasure which art brings!”

For further details please visit the event website at or contact Sogo Art at: (02)2711-3577.
Sogo Art Center: No. 162, Section 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Taipei City.
Contact persons:
Project Manager/Hung Wei-jei/ (02)2711-3577 Ext.23/Mobile: 0928-345321
President/Chen Hong-ping/ (02)2711-3577 Ext.77/Mobile: 0989-502466

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