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Hsinchuang Rotary Chairman inaugurated in charity atmosphere

Hsinchuang Rotary Chairman inaugurated in charity atmosphere

This summer July is time for the university examinations, and it is also the start of a new year of service for the Hsinchuang Rotary Club. The Hsinchuang Rotary Club is a cosmopolitan group made up of everything from female owners of international enterprises to senior executives of the association. The new chairman of the chapter Lu Ai-chih recently said, "I want to make this simple inauguration ceremony somehow more meaningful!"

As a result, on July 2 many of Lu Ai-chih’s old friends were invited to the affair including famous artists Huang Denggui and Song Junru. The two masters pledged to donate more than 30 valuable artworks for a charity auction. In addition, Hope Foundation Chairman ‘Flying Antelope’ Chi Cheng also donated NT$6,000 to show her support for the charity activity. With enthusiastic participation by the invited guests, the chapter was able to raise over a million NT dollars in donations to be used in coordination with Hsinchuang area charity groups including support of health groups and women inmates as well as campaigns against hunger, illiteracy and poverty, for care of the disabled and to help out related elementary and junior and community care programs. These efforts are all in response to Rotary International’s annual theme for the coming year, “Reach within to embrace humanity.”.

On the inauguration day, the first painting " Reach within to embrace humanity" was painted by landscape master Huang Denggui, and after several rounds of bidding it was ultimately bought by Chapter President Huang Lin Lingling with a bid of NT$ 50,000. She donated the painting on the spot to Hsiao Ching-lin, Director of Rotary International 3490 as a gift to the Rotary regional office.
The donation money will be used for seven different social welfare projects in the Hsinchuang district area including lunches for Chung-kang Elementary School, book donations for new resident students at Yu-min Elementary School, support of disadvantaged children in Guo-tai Elementary School, Ching-han Scholarships at Hsin-tai Junior High School, a karaoke contest for female prisoners in Taoyuan, a karaoke contest for the disabled and the Yu-cheng Fund for the disadvantaged.

Huang Denggui is known for his oil paintings, watercolors and calligraphy, including masterpieces such as "King of the Wind - Tiger" and "Lotus", as well as his lifelike portraits which are valued and collected by domestic and foreign art lovers. Also, his paintings "Yangliuqing flies a kite"," Booby" and other works have been selected for many university textbooks, to illustrate visual drawing skills, how the subject seems to attract the eye of the viewer and other aspects of today's unique styles. The artworks of Huang Denggui have been frequently shown in Taiwan, the US, Japan and China, and the Ministry of Defense is currently presenting a one-person exhibition of his works.

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