Mileage Plus to be United Airlines frequent flyer program beginning in 2012

Mileage Plus to be United Airlines frequent flyer program beginning in 2012

United Continental Holdings Limited (Stock code NYSE: UAL) recently announced that starting in 2012 the Mileage Plus plan will become the frequent flyer program for its fully-owned subsidiaries United Airlines and Continental Airlines. The integrated frequent flyer program will be an important milestone in the merger of the two companies.

In the coming months United Airlines will announce a brand new, complete Mileage Plus plan, including membership levels, qualifications, rights, interests and other aspects of development, to become effective beginning in 2012.

Continental Airlines OnePass program to be confirmed with several levels of classes

The OnePass program will be terminated on December 31, 2011. United Airlines OnePass members will be automatically transferred to the Mileage Plus plan and receive Mileage Plus miles equivalent to their holdings of OnePass bonus miles. Accumulated miles for OnePass members in 2011 will be fully approved for Mileage Plus in 2012. Those holding Chase OnePass credit cards including the OnePass Plus and OnePass Presidential Plus, can continue to accumulate mileage and enjoy member benefits through the new Mileage Plus flight plan.

In addition, those who are in both the United Airlines and Continental Airlines flight reward programs can now consolidate their accounts and combine their mileage for faster access to flight awards. Mileage Plus was initiated in 1981 and is considered the world's most valuable flight awards plan, with many tourist destinations, credit card companies and retailers as cooperating partners. Program members enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits including priority airport services (Premium Access) and access to the industry's most extensive system of merchandise rewards. United Airlines offers an unparalleled global route network, and no other airline can match its destination travel rewards program.

Updated : 2021-03-02 16:40 GMT+08:00