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Miramar iBeer Festival at the Miramar Garden Taipei

Miramar iBeer Festival at the Miramar Garden Taipei
Miramar iBeer Festival at the Miramar Garden Taipei

Looking for ways to beat the summer heat? Look no further! From 9th July to 12th August,

the Miramar Garden Taipei brings you the Miramar iBeer Festival. Enjoy any of the 12

selected beers and with a company of 6, enjoy it even better at a discount! Choose from

any of the delectable cuisine from 6 different countries. Get one of our great Beer-

Cocktail Mix on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Bring your friends together and have a

great time with us. Indulge in good food and drinks this summer and make it truly


Rain Forest Café – Discount for Group of 6

Take your pick! Beer from 8 different countries to go with your delectable buffet!

Weekday dinner buffet at NT$780 per person. Weekend lunch buffet at NT$750 per person and

dinner buffet at NT$850 per person. If you come as a company of 6, you can enjoy the

buffet and beer at NT$660 per person any day of the week! That one good reason to gather

your friends together!

The Rain Forest buffet table offers a wide array and great selections including grilled

US Rib-Eye steak, assorted sushi, selected seafood, East-West appetizers, organic

vegetables and salad bar, Japanese ramen, soups, seasonal fruits, ice cream, sweets,

fruit juices, coffee and tea. For the selection of beer, Rain Forest Café offers Taiwan

Gold Medal Beer, Japanese Asahi, U.S. Budweiser, German Blue Girl, Belgian Stella Artois,

Danish Carlsberg, Mexican Corona and Dutch Heineken.

Lounge 81 – a United Nation of beer and snacks

For only NT$450 per person, enjoy unlimited supply of beer! Choose from the best brews

of 11 countries:

Asahi (Japan) – golden color with fine head, tangy yet smooth;

Budweiser (USA) – light golden color, very smooth and called the king of beers;

Blue Girl (Germany) – fine quality from 100-year-old brewery, great even without


Stella Artois (Belgium) – golden yellow with strong hint of wheat, classic flavor;

Carlsberg (Denmark) – dense yet fresh in flavor, hint of malt in the taste;

Corona (Mexico) – combination of oats and hops, lighter than traditional beer;

Heineken (Holland) – bitter-sweet in taste but full flavored;

Guinness (Ireland) – smooth, strong classic Irish beer;

Kronenberg 1664 – bitter with orangey pungent;

Kirin (Japan) – very light and refreshing to the palate;

Boddingtons (UK) – hint of honey sweetness;

6 types of tasty tapas are available for only NT$250 per each.

Tortilla Chips with 3 Dips – freshly-naked corn chips served with 3 types of delicious

dips: guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream;

Korean Kimchi & Pork Stir-Fry - tender pork pieces cooked with spicy kimchi and tangy


German Sausages with Bacon Sauerkraut - a platter of Germany’s best – beerwurst,

frankfurters, smoked sausage, Polish sausage served with sauerkraut;

Venice White Wine Steamed Mussels – fresh mussels steamed and drizzled with delicious

sauce of white wine, tomatoes, olives and herbs;

Deep Fried Hiroshima Oyster with Tartar Sauce – deep-fried perfection with the taste

of the ocean with every bite;

Buffalo Chicken Wings – an American classic of spicy chicken wings served with

vegetable sticks.

Garden Terrace – Buy-1-Get-1-Free on Beer-Cocktail Mix

Garden Terrace offers buy-one-get-one-free special “Beer-Cocktail Mix” for just

NT$250+10%. Diners for set dinner menu also receive one complimentary order of the

cocktail. Two types of Beer-Cocktail Mixes are offered – “Red” a mixture of Taiwan

beer and tomato juice and “Green” a concoction of Taiwan beer and melon liqueur. Both

mixes are refreshingly light and sweet perfect with your meal.

The Miramar iBeer Festival is a jolly good way to keep you away from the sweltering

summer heat. Savor great cuisine, try some of the world’s best brews, come in groups and

join the fun. For more information or booking, please call (02) 2772-8800 extension 2311.


-This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

-Aside from the rules stated in the Rain Forest meal vouchers, an additional NT$100

will be charged for unlimited supply of beer.

-Vouchers include those issued by the hotel or other establishments.

-VIP Room booking not applicable during Chinese Lovers Day and Father’s Day (6th –

8th August)

-All prices subject to 10% service charge except for group of 6 price where service

charge is already included.

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