Indian police arrest 7 in crime reporter's slaying

Police arrested seven suspects in the slaying of a veteran Mumbai crime reporter, including four people who allegedly gunned down the journalist and then escaped on motorcycles, officials said Monday.
Police believe a Mumbai crime boss hired the shooters for the June 11 hit on Jyotirmoy Dey but have yet to determine a motive for the killing, Mumbai joint police commissioner Himanshu Roy said.
"We will come back to you with a motive as we interrogate the suspects," Roy said.
Reputed gang leader Chhota Rajan is suspected of ordering the slaying and is believed to be hiding in Malaysia, Roy said said.
The suspects _ who in total received about $4,400, or 200,000 rupees, for the hit _ told police they panicked after learning their victim had been a high-profile journalist, and were given extra money by Rajan to try and flee Maharashtra state, where Mumbai is located, Roy said.
Police detained some of the suspects in Mumbai and others in southern India.
A court ordered all seven suspects, including three alleged conspirators, be held for a week while the investigation continues. The suspects are all alleged members of Rajan's organized crime gang, police said.
Police also seized guns, cell phones, cash and the motorcycles allegedly used in the escape from the suspects.
Dey, 56, was the investigations editor at the Mid Day newspaper. Police were looking at his phone records, computer files and reporting to determine the possible motive for the killing, which sparked outrage from other journalists.
The Paris-based media watchdog group Reporters Without Borders said the case should be handled by federal investigators instead of Mumbai police because Dey was once threatened by a former officer.