“Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language" is a comprehensive test of ability in Mandarin

The "Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language"(TOCFL) is designed especially for non-native speakers of Chinese. More than ten thousand candidates have taken the test since it was first offered in December 2003, including people from more than 20 different nations.

In November 2005 the Ministry of Education set up the Steering Committee for the Chinese test of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP) specifically to promote various language proficiency exams. SC-TOP will offer these language proficiency tests in a computerized format for the first time this year (2011). A press conference will be held June 25 (Saturday), with experts and scholars invited from all over the world for academic input in order to improve the development of languages and testing.

SC-TOP was established in 2005 to improve Chinese language proficiency testing by offering a national qualification examination developed to international language examination standards. Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language indicators were first established, and then written, oral and listening tests were developed based on these indicators. The children’s Chinese Competency Certification are also being developed. SC-TOP has integrated multimedia technology into the tests, and the various kinds of tests will be eventually be given in computerized examination form.

SC-TOP now offers various types of tests including Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language:Writing,listening, reading, speaking and a The children’s Chinese Competency Certification. The first computerized listening and reading test was given in May 2011, when a total of 2165 examinees applied for the test. Computerization of the test allows examinees to view the results of the test as soon as it is finished. The computerized Chinese language writing and speaking competency test will be launched October 15, 2011. SC-TOP is offering special promotions for examinees: the examination fee will be NT$1800 for both the writing and speaking tests, a discount on the full price of NT$2400. The children’s Chinese competency test will be launched in the near future. Please visit the SC-TOP website for further information: http://www.sc-top.org.tw/

The results of the TOCFL will be released the day of the tests. Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language developers will be responsible for developing and introducing further improvements in the language tests. These will include five major topics - "Chinese language proficiency indices", "Landmarks in listening and reading test revision", "Design concepts in Chinese competency tests for children”, “Consistency of scores in tests of Chinese language speaking ability" and "Consistency of scores in tests of Chinese language speaking ability". The workshop runs from 9:00am to 3pm on June 25. Refreshments, lunch and complimentary gifts will be offered.

For further details please visit the SC-TOP website or contact the SC-TOP Examination Promotion Group (02) 7734-5638 ~ 5636 Ext. 5631

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