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Taiwan: Taiwan rules out official use of simplified Chinese

Taiwan: Taiwan rules out official use of simplified Chinese

Premier Wu Deng-yih seconded the opinion of President Ma Ying-jeou Thursday that traditional or long-form Chinese characters will be used in Taiwan instead of simplified Chinese characters.

Ma recently gave a directive that the Chinese-language version of government documents and websites should be released only in traditional Chinese characters that are used in Taiwan.

Wu said using traditional Chinese characters is a set government policy, which will not be altered simply because more Chinese tourists now visit Taiwan.

He said the main reason Chinese citizens come to Taiwan is to appreciate a different culture from across the strait.

In addition, he said traditional Chinese characters represent the beautiful legacy and significance of traditional Chinese culture -- one handed down for generations.

"The beauty and significance reflected by traditional Chinese characters can never be superseded by simplified Chinese characters," the premier said.

Hong Kong, which hosts many more Chinese tourists than Taiwan does, has not shifted to simplified Chinese characters, he said.

If necessary, certain government agencies, such as the Civil Aviation Administration and the Mainland Affairs Council, can prepare tourist instructions or guidelines in simplified characters due to the necessity of their administrative roles, he added.

Meanwhile, Liu Hsi-lin, deputy director-general of the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, said traditional Chinese characters are used in its publicity website in Taiwan, but simplified characters are used in its Taiwan promotional literature on the Chinese mainland.

He suggested that local restaurants or shops where Chinese tourists often visit should use both traditional and simplified characters in their menus or promotions to facilitate services for customers who are unable to read traditional characters.

Updated : 2021-10-21 14:18 GMT+08:00