UN scaling back mission in Ivory Coast

The U.N. Security Council is keeping the world body's peacekeepers in Ivory Coast through at least the end of July, but it is ordering a key helicopter unit to return to duty in Liberia a month earlier.
The Security Council voted 15-0 Friday to extend the mission. It also decided to return loaned troops and helicopters to the U.N.'s Liberia mission by June 30.
Five helicopters and three peacekeeper infantry companies will return to Liberia as that country prepares for an August referendum and October elections.
The U.N. attack helicopters helped turn the tide of battle in Ivory Coast last month by destroying the arms depots and missile caches of ousted strongman Laurent Gbagbo. The elected president, Alassane Ouattara, has been extending his control since Gbagbo's capture in April.