For Taiwan's Native Plants, the Future Is Now

For Taiwan's Native Plants, the Future Is Now

If you say that the floral creations in the Expo Dome are "manmade beauty," then the displays in the Pavilion of the Future, which are modeled entirely on Taiwan's actual plant ecology and habitats, capture the essence of "natural beauty."

There are 30,000 plants of more than 1700 varieties in the Pavilion of the Future, and of these over 90% are native to Taiwan, plants that you can see somewhere on the island. "The pavilion is a microcosm of Taiwanese flora," says Tu Chi-yi, director of planning for the building.

The story of the Pavilion of the Future starts with a "Tree of Life." This venerable old tree, which comes from Chang-hua, started life as a bodhi tree, but it was taken over by a banyan tree (which, being a kind of "strangler fig," always starts life in another tree and eventually kills and replaces its host), and this in turn was taken over by another banyan, forming a fascinating line of succession. It symbolizes the history of Taiwan, full of indomitable determination and vitality through generation after generation.

Led by the "Tree of Life," the pavilion displays the diversity of vegetation in Taiwan in themed areas, some based on climate, some on altitude, some on rarity, some by plant types.

The Rare Plants Area brings together 120 varieties of rare and precious plants native to Taiwan. Of them, 48 species are unique to Taiwan, while another 70 exist here only in tiny numbers.

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Updated : 2021-04-13 07:44 GMT+08:00