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Taiwan: Premier Wu reaffirms 12-year compulsory education policy

Taiwan: Premier Wu reaffirms 12-year compulsory education policy

Taiwan is determined to expand the current nine-year compulsory education system to 12 years in 2014, Premier Wu Den-yih reaffirmed yesterday.

The government will do its utmost to work out a package of legal revisions and secure sufficient funding for the expanded education policy that President Ma Ying-jeou presented in his 2011 New Year's Day Message, the premier said.

Ma said the new policy would enable students to study through the 12th grade without having to pay school fees, and, in most cases, without having to take entrance examinations for a chance to study at a senior high school, as is the case at present.

On Tuesday, ruling Kuomintang lawmaker Chao Li-yun cast doubt at a legislative hearing over the central government's determination to implement the policy as scheduled because no legislation on the issue had been submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review.

She also accused the government of having yet to work out a convincing source of funding for the policy, which is expected to cost the government at least NT$15.7 billion (US$531 million) per year, Chao said.

Updated : 2021-06-23 16:24 GMT+08:00