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Greater Taichung: Challenges and Opportunities

Greater Taichung: Challenges and Opportunities

Located in central Taiwan, the new Tai-chung City is one of three new special municipalities, bringing the number of such municipalities to five. The new city, a "Greater Tai-chung" that merges the old Tai-chung City and Tai-chung County, has both an airport and a harbor, a metropolitan area 10 times that of the old Tai-chung City, and a population of 2.63 million. This new Tai-chung is fantastically positioned for development and is charged with driving growth in central Taiwan.

Mayor Jason Hu expects "Greater Tai-chung" to become a world-class city and forecasts that within 10 years it will surpass Hong Kong and Singapore as the preeminent hub for cross-strait trade and international logistics.

Some have compared city-county mergers to weddings: like couples at the altar, they are filled with expectations of good fortune and oblivious to the hard realities of life that await just ahead. One of the biggest issues is getting an urban-minded city government to think about how to best integrate the resources of the county's mountain, coastal, and rural townships' resources, and how to link up existing local industries and cultural assets. The challenge, once the honeymoon is over, is working out how to bridge different lifestyles, modes of thinking, and ways of doing things to minimize conflict.

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