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Lazy-Care Planter Lights up the Globe

Lazy-Care Planter Lights up the Globe

Many people enjoy growing indoor potted plants such as moth orchid (Pha-laen-op-sis), devil's ivy, Malabar chestnut, ornamental pineapple or parlor palms. Such greenery not only beautifies the home, but can also calm the emotions of indoor gardeners and their families.

Many peole, however, have had unpleasant experiences trying to maintain indoor plants. They may be busy with work, for example, and forget to water their little indoor forest. Or they may go away on a business or holiday trip for a few days and be unable to care for their plants. Returning home they find a withered forest. Despite their sincere regret, the precious plants are often beyond help.

To provide a solution to just such problems, a team led by Chan Tien-yin, associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of the General Education Center at Far East University, has invented a very clever product: the lazy-care planter pot, an environmentally friendly and water-wise method of avoiding dead greenery. It uses such materials as ordinary clay, liquid crystal glass waste and recycled diatomite, a type of rock formed from ancient sea algae. Plants lucky enough to be cared for in one of these new pots need to be watered only once every one to two months. An attached moisture indicator reminds the carer when it's time to water. For busy plant lovers, Chan's invention is just what the horticulturalist ordered.

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Updated : 2021-10-19 10:08 GMT+08:00