Germany's Daimler celebrates 125 years

German automaker Daimler AG says it's marking the 125th anniversary of Carl Benz's first automobile patent by sending its new zero-emission fuel-cell car on a 125-day trip around the world.
Benz _ a co-founder of Benz & Co., one of Daimler's forefathers _ is credited with creating the world's first vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine. He filed his patent on Jan. 29, 1886.
The company says Chancellor Angela Merkel and others will be at its Stuttgart headquarters Saturday to send three B-Class F-Cell sedans on their way.
The cars are to travel nearly 20,000 miles (30,000 kilometers) through 14 countries on four continents before returning to Stuttgart.
CEO Dieter Zetsche said Friday the trip shows "we have enough pioneer spirit for at least another 125 years of innovation."

Updated : 2021-01-28 18:12 GMT+08:00