Kaohsiung City: Prosecutors sue 16 elected officials in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung City: Prosecutors sue 16 elected officials in Kaohsiung

The Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office filed invalidation suits against 16 elected officials yesterday, with more expected to be sued the following day.

Of the 16, four are city councilors and 12 are ward chiefs.

The four councilors are Tseng Shui-wen, Chang Feng-teng, Yang Jian-fu and Lee Hung-jun. Chang was charged with bribery through his sponsorship of an eco-tour of Kaohsiung Harbor, while the other three were charged with vote-buying.

All of them said they were stunned and that they had no idea why they had been charged.

Chang said his local environmental education association had sponsored a marine ecology tour for which each participant paid NT$100.

"I told the prosecutors clearly that this was purely an educational activity. I cannot comprehend why they're suing me, " he added.

Yang for his part said that prosecutors searched his campaign office three days ago and interviewed him in their office. He questioned why they would have let him go if he was a suspect.

The 12 ward chiefs were charged with various election irregularities.

Under the law, lawsuits for invalidating the election of public office holders must be filed within one month of the election commission making the election results public.

Kaohsiung City's election commission announced the winners of the Nov. 26 municipal elections Dec. 2, so the prosecutors still had two days to file suits against other suspected law-breakers.

The court will accept invalidation suits Jan. 3 at the latest, as the first two days of January are holidays.

Updated : 2021-03-05 09:23 GMT+08:00