Taipei City: Recalcitrant city councilors expelled from KMT, DPP

Taipei City: Recalcitrant city councilors expelled from KMT, DPP

Taiwan's two major political parties decided separately yesterday to revoke the membership of newly elected municipal council members who failed to toe the party line in the recent elections for council speakers and deputy speakers.

Secretary-General of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) King Pu-tsung said the party's Central Disciplinary Committee's decision to expel 10 Tainan City Council members must be carried out in order to reassert authority within the party.

The 10 KMT members, including Chang Shih-hsien and Lee Wen-chun, were found to have disobeyed the party's directives during the elections for council speakers and deputy speakers last week.

The other eight were Lee Kun-huang, Chen Wen-ko, Tseng Pei-ya, Tsai Shu-hui, Lin Mei-yen, Chen Chin-yi, Huang Li-chao and Tsai Yu-chih.

With only three KMT members remaining in the city council's KMT caucus, party workers said, the councilors who have been kicked out of the KMT are expected to work with the caucus so they could return to the party fold in two years time.

Some KMT councilors in Taipei City were also reported to have acted independently during the speaker elections, but King said that without any solid evidence to prove the reports, he could not discipline them.

In the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the Central Standing Committee has decided to refer five recalcitrant members to the Central Advisory Committee, which will confirm their expulsion from the party at a meeting on Jan. 11.

The five are Lee Wan-yu of Xinbei City, Hung Ping-lang of Kaohsiung City, and Liang Shun-fa, Tsai Chiu-lan and Tang Pi-er of Tainan City.

DPP spokesman Tsai Chi-chang said the five had bucked a party resolution to vote for their fellow party members under the watch of their council caucuses.

According to DPP regulations, once the councilors have been expelled, they would not be allowed to rejoin the party within five years.

Updated : 2021-04-19 11:10 GMT+08:00