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Pursuing the Eternal: Author Chang Show-foong

A writer's progress

Over the course of 50 years as a writer, Chang has evolved from her early more narrowly focused preoccupations with romantic love, friendship, and love of family and country to a more encompassing love of humanity in the wake of achieving motherhood. As time progresses, her work evinces an ever greater measure of tolerance informed by wisdom.

Chang herself admits that the trajectory of her oeuvre reflects the changes in her life. She is most fond of those of her works that describe faithfully her feelings at the time they were written, works like The Stars Are Out, and, to an extent, That Side of the Rug, though her views on marriage have changed considerably since then. Whether marriage adds to or detracts from a woman's life, she believes, is open to debate-we marry people, not angels, after all. She jokes that while her own husband never refuses outright to do things for her, neither does he jump at the opportunity to help out.

When she was three, she insisted on eating one egg and listening to one story every day. By the time she was in elementary school she was already exhibiting considerable talent as a writer. She thrived on challenges, and constantly submitted articles for publication. She was never turned down. At 17, one of her essays was published in the literary supplement of the Central Daily News, prompting her mother to comment, "Now you can start paying for your own education!" This irritated her no end, since she never viewed writing as a means to earning a living, but rather as an end in itself.

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