Malaysian police fire tear gas at protesters

Malaysian police fired tear gas and water Sunday at protesters at an opposition-backed rally in the country's largest city.
Xavier Jayakumar, a legislator in central Selangor state, said police fired tear gas and water canon at a crowd of thousands. He said at least five people were also arrested.
Reporters at the scene, who declined to be named, said rounds of tear gas sent people running into side streets near the big National Mosque before they regrouped.
The protesters, including several opposition parliamentarians, gathered to speak out against the federal government's interference of water management in central Selangor state, Xavier said.
Selangor is run by the national opposition People's Alliance. Xavier is a member of the Alliance.
Police could not immediately be reached for comment.
Gatherings of five or more people need police permission in Malaysia, and authorities often crack down on protests.