Nantou County: International Conference on Wildlife Conservation Medicine begins

Nantou County: International Conference on Wildlife Conservation Medicine begins

Taiwan's first international conference on wildlife health and conservation opened today at the Endemic Species Research Center in Nantou County, central Taiwan.

A total of 31 experts from Taiwan and abroad, including Aaron Bernstein from Harvard Medical School and Hokkaido University's veterinary medicine professor Toshio Tsubota, are attending the 2010 International Conference on Wildlife Conservation Medicine.

The world's population now surpasses 6 billion, which has led to an increase in human development and livestock breeding, said the organizers. As a result, wildlife habitat is disappearing, with the health of wild creatures at risk because of human and domestic animal encroachment.

In recent years, infectious diseases that have aroused global concern, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, avian flu and dengue fever, have all had animal vectors.

The health of humans, domestic and wild animals have become more intricate and interlaced, the organizers said, adding that the country's top priority in wildlife conservation is to prevent illness by combining medical and conservation expertise.

The participants at the conference will present 38 papers on five themes, including wildlife conservation medicine and education, in addition to environmental toxins, said Tang Hsiao-yu, director of the center.

The two-day conference hopes to expand the monitoring of and research into the health of wild animals through international cooperation, Tang noted. In addition, the participants aim to find effective ways to manage the health of wild species in a bid to preserve biodiversity.

Updated : 2021-03-01 18:46 GMT+08:00