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Taiwan: Government to reclaim state-owned land: finance minister

Taiwan: Government to reclaim state-owned land: finance minister

Responding to concerns over the lack of affordable houses in Taipei City, Minister of Finance Lee Sush-der said today that the government will begin reclaiming public land that is currently in private possession.

During an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan, Legislator Lo Shu-lei cited data showing that in Taipei City alone, 120 hectares of state-owned land -- about the size of 60 Taipei Arenas -- are in private hands.

She said that according to officially declared figures, this land has a combined value of NT$21.69 billion (US$723 million).

"There is absolutely no problem if Taipei City decides to offer more affordable apartments in the capital," Lo said. All it has to do is retrieve this occupied land, she went on.

Premier Wu Den-yi said last month that his Cabinet has outlined three programs for a social housing policy, with a promise that the government will increase the percentage of rented public housing around Taiwan to resolve the problem of more and more people who are unable to afford a home amid rising housing prices.

The Ministry of Finance and the Defense Ministry will be responsible for providing the land for the new social housing.

Lee said Lo's numbers are correct and that his ministry will certainly reclaim the land, but it needs to first assess how the occupied public land is being used before reclaiming it.

He also pointed out that many of the plots are small and not adjacent to each other, which could make it difficult to use them for large-scale social housing apartments.

According to Lo, a total of 22,650 hectares of public land is in private possession in Taiwan as a whole.

Updated : 2021-07-31 18:09 GMT+08:00