Taiwan: Local pear scions hit market

Taiwan: Local pear scions hit market

Mass-produced pear scions for a variety cultivated by farmers in central Taiwan went on sale today to help Taiwanese growers lower their costs while producing high- quality fruit.

At present, Taiwan's farmers grow pears on a total of some 9,000 hectares, more than half of which are in Taichung County. Until now, they have relied on scions -- young twigs used for grafting onto mature rootstock -- imported from Japan or Korea, according to the Heping Township Farmers' Association.

The Agriculture and Food Agency under the Council of Agriculture began cooperating with the county government in 2006 to help farmers produce local Hsin-hsing pear scions, and after four years of effort, they are now being prepared on a commercial basis.

With the domestic scions, the association said, costs can be reduced by 20 percent-30 percent.

Pear trees grafted to locally grown scions also produce more flowers and fruit sets than those using Japanese scions, the association noted. It added that the quality of the local fruit can compete with Japan's pears.

There are already 27 households cultivating 40 hectares of Hsin-hsing pears using domestic scions in the Lishan area, a mountainous region known for its juicy and crispy pears, according to the association. Their trees are expected to produce some 16,200 kg of fruit this year.

Updated : 2021-04-15 10:41 GMT+08:00